Collaborative code is the future of governance

  • Time: 11h30-12h00
  • Location: 3. B1.1
  • Level: Beginner
  • Type: Keynote

In the 21st century, software can be considered vital public infrastructure. From municipal parking services to public school administration software has become fundamental to how public organizations function.
But software that runs our society today is often hidden in proprietary code bases, producing data not owned by the public, and licensed at ever-increasing cost from outside companies.
Can we make this public infrastructure work without black boxes of code?



Jan started contributing to the commons a long time ago as a Wikipedian and later became the CEO of Wikimedia Sverige after co-founding the chapter and being its chairman. Then he started a consultancy called Open by Default, in which he walked 1200 km through Sweden evangelizing on the need for open data in the municipalities to further the Sustainable Development Goals. Lately he was a policy advisor on digital issues in the European Parliament for a Swedish green MEP. Now he is a Codebase Steward at the Foundation for Public Code helping public organizations collaborate on open source software.


Foundation for Public Code

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