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Let’s make the future of mobility open again.

By Foresight by Digipolis on Feb 27, 2020


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Mobility is always in flux! To try and make sense of it, and to guide it, we rely on the same basic underlayer: data. But how do we turn data into useful and used applications? And is there such a thing as one mobility app to rule them all or are there different approaches?

There is not a clear answer to these questions, except: We can find this out together!

We do this by figuring out what the main challenges are for both citizens and organisations. Challenges are often what drives innovation, what brings together (parts of) solutions. They are not concrete, but they give breathing room and direction to multiple stakeholders to think about possible solutions.

During our 90 minute mobility workshop, we will explore what the future of mobility might look like, what modal shifts we need to take into account and what this means for mobility services and open data. In turn we will use these trends and signals to form new challenges. This session is brought by a bunch of Foresighteers. It is our mission to use methods and techniques to pull people out of their comfort zone and think about the future.

Expect interaction, abstraction and a fresh way of thinking. The outcome of the session is to feed and inspire a 100 Apps for Ghent hackers to use during the 10th edition of the Open Data hackathon on 20 to 21 March that can build on top of this exercise.

Join us from 11:00 to 12:30 in room 5. E1.1 in Hasselt

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written by Foresight by Digipolis
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